Choose LOVE. | d o n y e l l e b r o o k photography

forever we will be together.
you and me.
the more i get to know you 
the more i really care
for all of my life you know
i'll always be right there.
from the mouth of bryan adams, ha...let's face it,
the 90's ruled for love songs.

Christmas CD | Promotional Photography

local artists.
don't you just love it?
hannah bird has an amazing voice. she recorded her first cd this last fall
and i'm so thankful that she asked me to photograph and design the cover.  pretty sweet. 
so...if you are in the mood for christmas music and in the mood to support a local artist....
grab a copy of her cd.
you will love it.

Thankful. Mother/Daughter...Husband/Wife...a beautiful mix.

thankful.  :  glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists.

life is hard and easy at the same time. 
messy and beautiful. 
light bulb moments mixed with...what the heck!?
ha . life. but hey.
in the end, love wins.

Tari | Senior Photography in Spirit Lake, IA