REFRAME, a workshop by RKCO to let --it go.

I created this video with my iPhone.  Not perfect by any means. but I'm excited to try and learn new things.  So, here's to starting new journeys, pushing through fear...and doing it anyway.



Music Video - What is a Woman

I'm co-founder of a company called Rural Kind Co. Our focus has been on a Women's Conference Tour that we created called SHE IS. I created this music video last fall in my living room along with Iesha, the superstar in the video, who is the singer and writter of the song. She wrote this song specifically for these conferences with her band, SHE'S WITH US. The awesome part was meeting all of the beautiful women from our community that were willing to respond to a phone call asking if they would come and dance for a video. All ages came and it was crazy say the least. Loving and learning, that's what we end up doing. So, cheers to "let's just do it".

Emaray | Class of 2020

my kid.
so proud of you, Ema.

Inside | 2020

while we are inside, i'm focusing on a few books.
Book 1: The 4 Disciplines of Execution
Authors: Chris McChesney, Sean Covey & Jim Huling
for those of you needing guidance for Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals.
...& those of you who hate multitasking as much as i do.

a friend of mine says i don't like color...?  Dude, i have a red plaid chair from the 60's...

Rural Kind Co | SHE IS

Rural Kind Co.
4 of us altogether. 
i'm typically behind the camera.
which is fine by me, lol
BIG personalities. BIG support. BIG love.
....big goofballs
we are a company that is focused on bringing rural women together.
we connect each other.
small businesses + people + kindness = what we do
SHE IS women's conference 2020 tour is underway...
check it out.