Michael & Stephanie | Emmetsburg Iowa Wedding Photography.

sometimes you meet people and you're like, yep, these are my kind of people.

welcome to a really good day. 
a beautiful blend of loving family. awesome friends. lots of laughter. warm hugs. a little wine. a big celebration of love.

i wish you all the best a lifetime can give, 
it's not fair that california gets you two...

michael had the idea to take some pictures on the tracks, he said, it looks like they go on forever
and that's a perfect photo for our marriage. forever.  

and so, they met in a cigar bar in california...

Hannah B. | Promotional Photography

this girl is rockin.

working on a CD cover with this beautiful girl.

i'm THIS hungry right now...

Liz & Jordan | Wedding Photography for Southern MN.

old iowa churches, ah...you smell the coffee brewing, huh.
as i was going through liz and jordan's pictures, i started thinking...i have a cheesey grin on my face.
the majority of the time...
i smile while i work.
ha, i'm so thankful i can say that.
this wedding was beautiful, i must say,  you are some awesome people.

Playing Dress-Up | Fine Art Photography for Iowa

i have so much fun with you seniors...

thank you.

Ana | Senior Photography for IA and MN

having fun with ana's pics...

this girl, i tell ya.