Chris | Senior Photography for Jackson, MN

Madi | Senior Photography for Pocahontas, IA

we always wonder when we are mothers.
who will our children be.
what will they do.
we all leave a footprint of sorts in our lifetime...good or's there.
most of us leave our mark with the words we say and the little things we do to the people that cross our path...i know, it's scary to think about.
this is beautiful Madi...
this girl, she will leave footprints of kindness, helping others...loving them, caring for them...
a nurse to be, how awesome is that...

Travis & Tracy | Wedding in Spencer, IA

choosing love.
this family united in marriage on saturday. was awesome.
family and friends came near and far to support their life together...what was and what is to come.
to be chosen no matter what...i love that about marriage and bringing two families together.
five kids between the two of them...there is strength in love, to know that you were chosen not because someone had to but because they wanted to.