Merry Christmas | Donyelle Brook with Five Island Life, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Where the heck am I these days?
Remember those posts talking about a new direction with sweet friends?
Five Island Life is where you will find me, running a Marketing Co.
with two beautiful friends.
Showing you the amazing people, businesses & natural beauty of rural iowa.
uh...rural is the new cool, by the way.
My heart.
My community.

Donyelle Brook Photography | Senior Photographer in Iowa

Senior Photography in MN & IA | Donyelle Brook Photography, Emmetsburg IA.

Kendell / Senior Photography

your mom reminded me of the journey we've had.
she made me cry, lol.
I'm so honored that I've gotten to be apart of your life.
your mom said it so perfectly.
you are a strong & beautiful woman.
this is a special time in your life.
not always easy,
but necessary to become who you are meant to be.
...& who would ever know
that a cow was standing two feet away, lol.

Senior Photography | Becca, Pocahontas, Iowa

i love that she wanted to photograph 
her scar.
it's what makes
it's beautiful.

Five Island Life, Emmetsburg IA

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