The beauty of Love.


One of the best things about summertime is gardens and the yummy beautiful things we get to eat.  We were just out picking strawberries in a friends garden...but I just couldn't find it in me to eat this one....say hello to my little friend Berry. ;)

Liz & Jordan

Have you ever seen two people together and you're like, holy cow, those two are in love.  Yep, well if you haven't, you have now.  Some of the beauty of being a photographer are the stages of life you get to witness.  I photographed Liz when she was a Senior back in....was it 2008?  Geez Liz, I'm so honored to be apart of your life.  You are such a beautiful woman.  I'm so dang excited to photograph your wedding this coming September.  It was an honor to meet you Jordan.  Oh, and yes, I'll have more of these love birds to come....


Family . Love . IOWA .