Senior photography | Jackson, MN

hanging out with a senior is always a highlight in my day.
& just plain awesome.

Family Photography | Arnolds Park, Ia

an old truck (check).
puppies (check).
fishing (check).
a cool kid named noah (check).
iowa in the fall (check).
pretty sure we were missing...nothing. loved it.

Spirit Lake, IA | Family Photography

they are gifts, aren't they?
they give you a moment to take a deep breath and to be understood, as only a friend can.
this group of friends took some time to meet at the beach, enjoy the evening and each other.
to say goodbye to a season, a family best friend (fletch) and to welcome in the new.
time, it's a's the gift that you never regret giving but always regret not giving. 
the gift of time is something that is so both directions.  giving and receiving this gift is precious.