Cheer's to the dreamers...the crazy one's.

we had no idea
that this is where we would be.  i'm telling you guys,
when you do the things you are passionate about
the story writes itself.
it went from "let's do a project together"
to five island life
to rural kind co.
lol. wait. what are we doing again?
...cheers to the dreamers, the crazy one's.

Rural Kind Co - SHE IS - Women's Conference

this is one of my first videos.
proud moment.
a really cool thing about it is the song...well, & the car lol. 
it was written & performed by a local band here in northwest ia, she's with us.  they wrote it specifically for our women's conference on september 27th in emmetsburg, ia.  
this is the first song they've written...
pretty fricken amazing, huh.
oh, did i tell you that i'm co-creator of a new company called rural kind co!?
actually, the best thing about the video?'s the chicks in the car...they are by far the best.