Winter is coming.

so i was told it's supposed to snow in a few days.
i normally welcome the snow.
love it actually.
feeling tucked inside my sweet little house with my family.
playing games and drinking coffee.
turning the oven on and baking something that fills the house with an aroma that makes you feel safe and loved.
a slower pace.
i feel better now.
i was about to tell you that i want to run outside and soak it all in before it changes and that i wasn't ready for it. but.
i love winter.

Gillian | Emmetsburg, IA Senior Photographer

i love that your mom calls you gilly.
it's a beautiful life.

Brighten your day with these smiles | Promotional & publication photography

have i told you that i love my job lately?
well i do.
if you really want to love your day, take photos of goats.
do you see their smiles? 
feel their personality?
man, they just make my day.
it's easy to see why someone would dream to live here.
...and make it their dream come true.

Senior photography | Jackson, MN

hanging out with a senior is always a highlight in my day.
& just plain awesome.

Family Photography | Arnolds Park, Ia

an old truck (check).
puppies (check).
fishing (check).
a cool kid named noah (check).
iowa in the fall (check).
pretty sure we were missing...nothing. loved it.