Family Photography | Algona, IA

I absolutely loved following Matt, Hilary and their beautiful son Charlie as they did their normal evening stroll around the farm.
Passing on the love of family, land, work & time to Charlie.
This is the Heartland.  
Well guys...I'm thinking Charlie is going to be a farmer...he smiled at a tractor tire like it was his best friend. 
The sweetest thing.

The Black Marker Project.

this is what gets me excited.
this is the skip to my step, the sun in my shine.
don't get me wrong, I really do love the other photography I get to do...
but this.
my black marker project is coming together with the writings of the beautiful Kelly Bay.
what the heck is a black marker project & who is Kelly?
well click on Kelly's pretty blue name above and you can read her amazing blog.
and the black marker project? will just have to wait and see...