madison. of the lovelies of this world.

i'm so serious.

she is, inside and out.

My Fav.

Lavender.  I LOVE it.  

This is by far my favorite plant and flower.  natural. calming. beautiful. and the most wonderful smell that has ever entered this nose.  

So, how did I start my morning?  

Drinking coffee with my husband in our backyard, soaking up the morning sun.  I walked into the house to refresh our coffee and came back out to him with this lavender in hand.  
for me. 
tied neatly with twine.  
he is sweet.

Tyler & Kateyan Welp | The story begins

This was one of those good kind of days.  

Weddings are like Christmas...they give people such freedom to love each other and to celebrate it. 


This last weekend I was so honored to photograph Tyler and Kateyan's wedding. 

such beautiful people. 
beautiful friends. 
beautiful family.