mom upside down is wow.
yep, that word easily describes my mom.
she is my best friend.
a woman i am often in awe of....
happy mother's day  mom, you are the best, i'm thankful you are mine....even though you like your grandkids more ;)...ha

Fine Art Dance Photography | Iowa & Minnesota

my power was out all day today.
it was out for safety reasons for men that were cutting down trees in the neighborhood, so i totally understand....but wow, i use a lot of energy...i mean...a lot.
my job / normal life tasks come to a complete stand still without electricity.  
i actually cleaned the top of my refrigerator and tried out my solar powered radio & flash light from my emergency kit....yes, i have an emergency kit equipped with a packet of survival garden seeds and a survival field manual...doesn't everyone? ha...it's a crazy but beautiful world out there people.
so now that i'm baaack....here is the strong. beautiful . adventurous . kendell .